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Session 1A Session 1B
0900-1000 1A 1B
Moderator Dr. Syed A Basher, Associate Professor, East West University Moderator Professor Imran Rahman, Professor, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh
Discussants Dr Helal Uddin, Associate Professor, University of Dhaka

Dr. Minhaj Mahmud, Senior Research Fellow, BIDS

Discussants Professor Tanbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Dean,East West University

Dr. Abdus Sattar, Professor ,East West University

Paper 1 Mahmud Uz Zaman Paper 1 Mohammad Faridul Alam
Measuring service quality among airline carriers: Findings from Bangladeshi domestic travelers Tax performance: a comparative study of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Paper 2 Estiaque Bari Paper 2 Mohammad Ebadul Islam
Does experienced Bangladeshi rmg workers earn more wages? Crucial factors of non-performing loans of banking sector in Bangladesh
Paper 3 Md Kamruzzaman Paper 3 Shofie Azzahrah
Do nudges increase prosocial behavior?: an economic analysis. Accelerating supply & demand of sharia stock through 5R: study case of LQ45 index in Indonesia
Paper 4 Muntasir  Murshed Paper 4 Syeda Mahrufa Bashar
An empirical investigation of corruption and Sustainable Development: evidence from a panel of Asian, African and Latin American countries Portfolio construction: a case study on high market capitalization stocks in Bangladesh
1000-1130 Higher Education
Panel P1 Chairperson Dr. Mohammed Farashuddin, Chair, Board of Trustees, East West University
Panel Speakers Professor M. M. Shahidul Hassan, Vice Chancellor, East West University

Dr. Mokhtar Bin Abdullah, List of possible Discussants, Universiti Selangor

Professor Syed Ferhat Anwar, Professor, Institute of Business Administration

Naem Nizam, CEO, News24 TV

Professor Abdul Mannan, Chairman, University Grants Commission, Bangladesh

1130-1200 Tea Break
1200-1300 2A 2B
Moderator Professor Basanta Kumar Barmon, Associate Professor, East West University Moderator Professor Anwar Hossain, Vice Chancellor, Northern University, Bangladesh
Discussants Professor Basanta Kumar Barmon, Associate Professor,East West University

Parvez Karim Abbasi, Assistant Professor ,East West University

Discussants Professor Soheluzzaman, Professor ,United International University

Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman, Associate Professor ,United International University

Paper 1 Sami Farook Paper 1 Tamanna Eva
The impact of external shocks on Qatar’s gas-export earnings Achieving HR excellence through six sigma
Paper 2 Nabila Zaman Paper 2 Tamanna Eva
Do oil price shocks affect consumer spending? Evidence from 5 OECD countries Key soft skills practice among managers and support staffs: evidence from Telecom industry of Bangladesh
Paper 3 Muntasir  Murshed Paper 3 Mohd  Taqi
An empirical investigation of the energy sustainability and ICT trade nexus: evidence from selected SAARC countries A comparative study of Corporate Social Responsibility practices in Indian and Bangladesh companies
Paper 4 Swabera  Islam Paper 4 Samsudin Salmi
India’s act east policy and Bangladesh –  prospects and challenges The challengers and sustanablity of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implementation in power generation industry: TNB Janamanjung as a business model.
Paper 5 Md. Atiqul Islam  Sadi
Effects of sales of electrical appliances on household electricity demand using 2005 and 2010 HIES data
1300-1400 Lunch Break
1400-1500 3A 3B
Moderator Dr Sajjad Zohir, Executive Director, Economic Research Group Moderator Professor Ziaul Huq Mamun, Professor, East West University
Discussants Dr. Monirul Hassan, Assistant Professor,East West University Discussants Dr. Gazi Mahbubul Alam, Chairman, Board of Trustee , Central University of Science & Technology

Mr. Abeed Khandker, Senior Lecturer, East West University

Paper 1 Farzana Afrin Tithi Paper 1 Tanveer Faruq
Do social safety net programs increase household’s calorie consumption? Evidence from Bangladesh Effects of digital media on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in Bangladesh
Paper 2 Md. Hasib  Reza Paper 2 Rajashri  Chatterjee
Can international migration reduce poverty? Evidence from rural Bangladesh The linkage between earnings management and corporate governance: case study of an Indian manufacturing industry
Paper 3 Yeasmin  Islam  Paper 3 Mimnun  Sultana
Business as a career choice: perceptions of Bangladeshi business students Analysis of variance of supply chain surplus among the stakeholders of vegetable supply chain
Paper 4 Dewan Sazzadul  Karim
Factoring as an alternative mode of international trade finance and its current status in Bangladesh
1500-1600 4A 4B
Moderator Dr. M A Taslim, Professor, Dhaka University Moderator Dr. Abdus Sattar, Professor , East West University
Discussants Dr Zaid Bakht, Chairman,Agrani Bank

Dr. Syed A Basher, Associate Professor ,East West University

Discussants Dr. Mosaddak Ahmed Chowdhury, Business Administration, Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

Dr Chowdhury Saima Ferdous, Associate Professor, International Business, University of Dhaka

Paper 1 Ali Fegheh Majidi Paper 1 Md. Shamsul  Haque
Foreign trade, human capital and economic growth: evidence from Asian countries Comparative analysis of jute geo textile (JGT) and synthetic geo textile (SGT) an empirical study
Paper 2 Dr. Swati   Jain Paper 2 Mohammad  Hanif
Whether public debt reduction always promotes growth and sustainability? Post-consumer pet bottle collection and recycling practice in Bangladesh: is it worth it?
Paper 3 S M Ferdouse  Anower Paper 3 Md. Abu Bakr  Khan
Economic & environmental gains from recycled old tires industry in Bangladesh: restructuring the value chain Exploration for comprehensive scenario of lead acid battery for easy bike industry and its current recycle management practices in Bangladesh
Paper 4 Rozina Akter Paper 4 Md. Abu Zafor  Sadek
Testing taylor’s rule to examine monetary policy regarding bank rate, inflation and output gap of Bangladesh: 1972-2016 Contemporary transformation in the global pharmaceuticals industry and strategic imperatives for Bangladesh
1600-1630 Tea Break
1630-1800 Panel P2 Chairperson Dr. Dipu Moni MP, Member of Parliament, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Panel Speakers Rear Admiral (Retd.)Md Khurshed Alam, Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Dr Salimullah Khan, Professor, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh

Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque, Professor, East West University

Mr. Mizanur Rahman Khan, Joint Editor, Prothom Alo

1810-1900 5A 5B
Moderator Dr Mohammad Musa, Dean, School of Business & Economics, United International University Moderator Professor Muhammad Ziaulhaq Mamun, Advisor, MBA/EMBA Programs, East West University
Discussants Dr GA Faruqui, Dean, Business ,Green University of Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Ridhwanul Haq, Associate Professor and Chairman,BBA Program, IBA, University of Dhaka


Professor Muhammad Ziaulhaq Mamun, Advisor, MBA/EMBA Programs,East West University

Professor Tanbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Dean,East West University

Paper 1 Oli Ahad  Thakur Paper 1 Rumana  Afroze
Impact of working capital management on profitability in textile industry of Bangladesh Can online recruitment be the best strategic solutions for talent acquisition? A study based on jobseekers’ and employers’ perception
Paper 2 Kursia  Jahan Paper 2 Alma.  Shameem
The nexus between the small and medium entrepreneurs and commercial banks of Bangladesh: expectation and performance The role of customer relationship marketing on customer satisfaction: a study among mobile service providers in sri lanka
Paper 3 Major Dr. Md. Ferdausur  Rahman Paper 3 Md. Tofael Hossain  Majumder
Regulatory compliance of IFRS 7: a study on the foreign commercial banks of Bangladesh Banks’ diversification and performance: evidence from Bangladesh
Paper 4 Mohammed Zia  Uddin
The effect of inventory management on profitability on cement manufacturing companies of Bangladesh
Paper 5 Ameer Haider  Ali
Development of Business Continuity Management Framework For Sustainable And Resilient Higher Education Institutions